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Festive photograpies

June 26, 2010

By Sanita Medne

photo by Lelde Meirāne

photo by Lelde Meirāne

10th Latvia Youth Song and Dance Festival, taking place in Riga, 6-11 July, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. For the very first time the festival has been included in the list of anniversaries for UNESCO in 2010-2011! For the significant occasion organisers bring up new and fresh ideas.

From 120 young photographers 14 were chosen by a jury to become formal festival photographers. Most of them had taken pictures of local song and dance troops. One of the young and promising talents, Lelde Meirāne, 15, has agreed to sit down for a chat with Yellofrog.

Meirāne admits having her school principal encouraging her to take part in the contest. In the tight schedule Meirāne has not yet met other photographers. ‘I am really looking forward to it’, Meirāne admits.

Which once started as a hobby may now become a career. Meirāne has some serious plans and mentions Sergejs Kondrašins as one of her idols. The festival, having wide international publicity and many followers on Twitter and Facebook, may be a stepping stone for all the young talents. ‘Yes, I have plans for future. I just have to fulfil them!’ Meirāne is strong –willed.

At this young age Meirāne has an experience of two years in amateur photography. By watching other works she has developed a signature style, turning to vintage pictures and ‘the 80ies’. ‘I like vintage looking photos’, Meirāne claims.

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  1. Andis permalink
    July 5, 2010 07:34

    Coming soon, very soon! Looking forward to!

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