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May 19, 2010

By Girts Smelters

Photo from Zane Pavarina private collection

Zane Pavarina, (born in 1988), is a basketball player and full time student at University of Latvia. Currently Pavarina plays for “University of Latvia” team “BK Ventspils”. She was on the Latvia junior national team, winning 4th place in the Europe championship division B. She was also a junior champion in Latvia with Ventspils junior team in year 2007.

Pavarina has played for University of Latvia for 2 seasons. At the moment they are in last place in the league, but she says: “We still have hope”. She is the best 3- point shooter on the team, with more than 30% accuracy. This is the main reason Pavarina was chosen to participate in the Latvian basketball all-star event 3- point shot competition on February. She had the best score at the beginning, but, “because of the TV cameras and all the attention, I finished 4th, unfortunately,” Pavarina says.

Zane Pavarina has played basketball since she was 8, and all family is involved in basketball. “At the age of 10, I had to choose between basketball and dancing. I made the right choice, because I can’t imagine my life without the ball game,” she says. “Thanks to basketball I have seen most of Europe. I even had an offer to play in Spain for this season, but I have put my studies as first priority, so I had to reject it,” Pavarina says.

She is studying Information Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and is in her 2nd bachelor year. She does not see herself becoming a professional athlete “I’m not really a basketball maniac, but I surely know it will be in my heart for all my life,” she says.

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