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Frisbee – flying disc

May 10, 2010

By Rūdolfs Andersons

Have you heard of a sport named “Ultimate”? The full name is “Ultimate Frisbee”, and it is a team sport played with frishbee (a.k.a. flying disc).

Frisbee (a.k.a. flying disc)

The game is some what similar to American football and rugby. The aim is to get the disc behind the opposing end zone. The trick is player holding the frisbee can’t move. So the frisbee has ton be passed to an open man. Complete rules are at (Lat) or (Eng).

Frisbee was invented in the U.S., but for last 15 years it is also been played in Latvia and has become quite popular, especially among young people. There are many teams and different competitions like the Latvian Championships, the Latvian Student Championships and the Latvian Youth Championships. More information is at

Students who want to start playing Ultimate should contact LU Sports service centre for further information.

Ultimate frisbee highlights from

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