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don’t be afraid to fly!

May 10, 2010

By Sandra Goge

Traveling by airplane is becoming a common part of our lives whether we are flying to another city for business or going on a long-awaited vacation. However many people still are afraid to fly and may even have a panic attack at the thought of air traveler.

Fear of flying is called aerophobia, and it can be caused by many another fears (not just being afraid to fly). Those other fears could be – fear of heights or falling, claustrophobia, difficulty letting go and trusting that the plane will fly safely as well as news reports of horrifying crashes.

To overcome fears it is helpful to have a good understanding of the fear and exactly what aspect of flying triggers it. Learning about how planes work and what keeps them in the air could help too. Search for more information in books or on the Internet, for example at

Don’t be afraid to ask for support – from family, friends, aircrew or others. Talking about the problem with someone you trust is one of the better ways to solve it. The best way to beat fears is to turn the object of the fear into a passion. Looking at planes through the eyes of those who love them teaches flying is something wonderful. Try which has a very active forum full of people who are fanatics (in a good way) about air travel.

In other countries there are even courses where professionals teach how to overcome fears of flying. – There’s a video that demonstrates a natural way to stop a panic-attack while aboard an airplane.

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