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Warning-global warming

April 26, 2010

By Laura Vasermane

The change in climate is obvious to everybody because glaciers are melting, the global temperature is changing, and the weather often surprises us.

One popular opinion is that global warming is caused by transportation, factories etc, but sometimes our behaviour at home can be a cause for concern too.[1]

But there are some things you can do to make your home more greener. You can start by paying attention to the use of electricity, changing light-bulbs, saving water and installing a more efficient heating system.

One of the greatest threats caused by global warming is the shortage of clean and fresh drinking water. Scientists have discovered some astonishing facts about our use of water.[2] Did you know that it takes 6 800 liters of water to produce 0, 5 kg of beef? And a pair of jeans take twice that much water! Water is used in every step of the manufacturing process of these and other products so by knowing which products use less water, you can help saving the basic element of our existence.

You can calculate your average use of water  and find more handy tips on how to live green.

So do you care about your environment? Share your creative ways to save the Earth!

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