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Freakibike – more than just a bike

April 26, 2010

By Oskars Treimanis

The Latvian freakbike is part of worldwide mutually unrelated social movement.

A freakbike is an unusual, original looking bicycle. The best ones include metallic waste and pipes welded together. But the parts are not the thing that matters the most, it is imagination and originality. The freakbike is sculpture that is functioning.

The main idea of it is to make a unique, environmentally friendly means of movement by your own hands from the parts that don’t need to be bought but can be found in your old barn or dumpster. Your bike does not need to be shiny and glossy, it does not need to cost a lot of money.

There are several freakbike clubs around the world such as Freakbike nation, Rat patrol and others. The Latvian club, located in Andrejsala, Riga is called “Apokalipses jātnieki” (Riders of Apocalypse).

The first meeting of the four founders of the movement was in 2006. They take part in various festivals and exhibitions, organize workshops and cycle races, but the main idea is to popularize the lifestyle and not pollute the environment.

There are workshops held in the Andrejsala where everyone can join. There are no specific dates posted, when mass – workshops are held, but everyone can contact Latvian freakbike through email – or phone – 29335436

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