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Enjoy and join! Fonofest & Fonoclub

April 14, 2010


Oskars Treimanis

On July 16, 2005, the music and sports open air festival Fonofest was first organized. Three years later, in the autumn of 2008, a club with the same name, the Fonoclub, was opened in Cesis. The person organizing both the festival and club is Lauris Sildniks, who is also lead singer of metalcore band Enhet.

The organizing crew also includes his two younger brothers – Marts and Jānis as well as a bunch of loyal friends. Fonofest and Fonoclub are popular with very many young people who want to party just get away from daily routines.

Recreation has a huge role in young Latvians lives, and so that is why the Fonofest VI will be held this year July 9 – 10 for the sixth time. Fonofest is a celebration of sound and rhythm. Fonofest provides the opportunity to spend two carefree summer days in a natural and informal environment. Two main components – sports and music are mixed together providing a  in very wide range of activities. Festival takes place near Cesis. Last year it was attended by 6.500 people.

“With the help of music and sports even strangers can become friends and exchange experiences and this is the aim of Fonofest. Everyone who takes part in the festival is part of its great atmospher”, says its web page – Fonofest IV. This year, as in every year before, there will be tournaments of beach volleyball and football, performances of a wide range of bands such as – Dzelzs Vilks, Astro’n’out, Skyforger, Satellites LV, Roberts Gobziņš, Insane, Endrive, My Ocean and many others including local guest DJs. The main headliners are not annonounced yet.

(Official Fonofest promo video 2009 –

The Fonoclub – a small but special club is located in Cesis. It is special because every weekend there is a live concert or themed party. The program is tends toward alternative music with rare exceptions. Fonoclub has hosted many famous Latvian artists – Sanctimony, TāTāTā, Toms Grēviņš and Transleiteris, who has many popular song parodies in youtube with more than 200,000 hits, and many other local and international performers. But the biggest hit and most attended party for 2 years is the Treniņtērpu balle (tracksuit party)(pictures from tracksuit party), where the dresscode of the evening is a tracksuit.. Also very popular is beer drinking and beer barrel holding contest with prizes from Cēsu Alus. Other themed parties have included nurse and doctor, country, beach and christmas parties.

(Trenniņtērpu balle –

Lauris Sildniks, the owner of the Fonoclub and the main organizer of the Fonofest says, ”It all started at the end of secondary school. The band Enhet was formed. We started to play some gigs. Everything went on, then Fonofest was born, later Fonoclub” Lauris makes it sound as if it was very easy. ‘’The opening of Fonoklub was a very important event for me. I feel good when my work is evaluated; i feel good when the club is full of people; it also gives me the will and strength to carry on.” When asked about what this club has, that others don’t, Lauris answers ’’We have a plannned program for a long time ahead. There are many qualitative live concerts, thematical parties, competitions planned for weekends. I can count on my fingers how many clubs in Latvia have this too.”

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(Fonofest -

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