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renewed clone of “Tur kaut kam ir jabut”

April 13, 2010


Anna Maklakova

Latvia’s most famous band Brainstorm is releasing it’s third version of it’s original album called ”Tur kaut kam ir jābūt”, which is in Latvian. The second version of the album was in Russian and was called ”Шаг.” The third version is in English and is called ”Years and Seconds.”

The band is very excited about the upcoming album and has spent a lot of time making and recording it. A lot of famous and talented musicians are participating and writing lyrics for the new album. Including Fran Healy, leader of the English band Travis, who wrote lyrics for the song called ”Count My Fingers.” Ken Stringfellow, a member of R.E.M., helped with a song called ”Begging For Your Starlight.”

”Years and Seconds” was released March 15 in the Baltic States, which is when Brainstorm began an international tour, performing in London, Tallin, US and other countries.

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