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Looking good and you know it!

July 26, 2010

By Sanita Medne

To stand out in a crowd – is that ‘in’? Interesting and original fashion – how about that? Now, raise your hand who wants to be original and support local designers!

1st of June proved to be a creative day – it was an official opening of the online shop Creative Latvia (CL). As put by the CL team: ‘We are proud of the local fashion and art and therefore our aim is to popularize and support the creative and talented people from Latvia.’

There are names and brands which rise no question about what it is and where from. The team of CL feels that Latvian designers seem to be ‘too unknown’. By opening the online fashion store, Līga Bizune and Madara Zvejniece want to spread the word about all the talents Latvia has.

It is also a brave act considering the weak Latvian fashion business traditions and overall situation still not favoring new acts. Zvejniece, CL’s marketing director, is rather optimistic because the awareness of Latvian fashion designers is still on the raise – in Latvia as well as abroad. The optimistic view is also supported by the fact that many see the business opportunity and the number or shops and ateliers is growing.

CL was established in 12 March 2010 but it took another couple of months before the shop could open. As for today the shop offers clothing for women, men and children. Be sure to check the accessories because some of them are gems in the b

Līga Bizune, Kaspars Bizuns, Madara Zvejniece

ox (authors favorite is one of the brooches by Inga Beikule)!

CL works on meeting agreements with more and more designers. Shop already offers pieces by Sheila – a well known designer in Latvian fashion – as well as clothing by new talents. Ludmila Kruglika, Vita Radziņa and Iveta Vilne are just the few of CL shop’s good deals.

Radziņa and Vilne, just graduated from Art Academy of Latvia, were noticed by Latvia’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Pastaiga (2010 july/august issue) in young designer’s show Perons. Radziņa received apprenticeship in Instituto Marangoni in Paris for her collection “About money” (also found on CL).

What also makes CL interesting is that the staff itself is young, creative and just that bit of rebellious to start a fashion business in Latvia. As put by Bizune – “we are “crawling” there where so many before us have already complained – you cannot make money with art and fashion in Latvia”.

Regarding the fresh and juicy logo – ‘it resembles the purchase with an edge’, explained Zvejniece. The cherry, as seen in CL logo, is desirable by many but the one and only stays where it belongs – in CL.

To keep up with the latest trends and see what’s next – be sure to follow CL on Facebook, Twitter and Draugiem.

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