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Floorball star of LU

April 18, 2010

By Girts Smelters

Martins Druvkalns, (born in 1988) is a Latvian floorball player for the national mens team, men under- 19 national team and Latvian student team in world championships.  Currently Druvkalns plays for Hipolizings floorball league club “CelTik Lekrings” and is a full time student at University of Latvia. His preferred position is defender, but is capable of operating as a central forward as well.

At the moment Druvkalns is the 3rd best goal scorer on the team and 30th in league, as his team “CelTik Lekrings” has just won the regular season and are preparing for play off games. “Celtik Lekrings” is the four time champions of Latvia and are looking forward to defending their title. Druvkalns has played for “CelTik Lekrings” for 5 years.

Druvkalns is studying International Economical Affairs at the University of Latvia and is a third year student. “It’s not a problem to combine academic studies and sports. I have my lectures all day, practices are on the evenings, and games are on weekends usually”, says Martins. “The only problem is that studies take place in Riga, but the  games and practices are in Cesis(90 km from Riga), so I have to drive all the way almost every day, but I have already gotten used to that”, Druvkalns says.

When asked why he is working so hard- playing and studying, Druvkalns says: “In Latvia floorball is not fully professional yet, so you can’t earn a lot of money only by playing. Also an athlete is only able to perform his best only until age of 35-38, after that you have to work, and it is much easier to find a job if you are educated.”

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