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Skijoring, born and raised is Latvia

April 10, 2010

By Davis Valdnieks

It is believed that skijoring was born in Latvia a few years ago. This is a sport where the skills of each individual participant are very important.

Skijoring races usually are held on closed tracks in wintertime when there is enough snow.  Basic rules are just to be first after doing several laps. But what is skijoring?

It includes two guys, maybe even girls, one rope, one motorbike and one pair of skis. All the teams which are formed in this exact way stand on the start line at the same time; they wait for the chess board flag to be waved in front of them, and the race begins.

Those handling the bikes push the throttle as hard as they can and as hard as the rules of physics allow – sometimes they strive too hard and the bike volls over on its back wheel before crossing the start line.  If the start is successful the person on skis is pulled real hard onto to the narrow track alongside with other teams.

An important part is to avoid injuries. Skijoring is really dangerous, because skiers and motor bikers are really close to each other and skiers are hanging onto ropes behind the riders so they can easily get angled in each other’s ropes and bikes can crush into each other.

Near the track there is a ambulance waiting in case of an emergency, but the doctor who treats the wounded (Andris Mozans) says, “Well I have been on duty for skijoring races for several times now, and there haven’t been so many accidents as one might think. Despite its dangerous nature I like skijoring; it is really interesting! Today I had one guy who fell on the bike during the race; he had a torn wound, but he will be fine;” said Mozans.

According to sportsmen, although skijoring was born in Latvia races are now being held in the Czech Republic and Poland. Thanks to the long, cold and snowy winter it has gotten really popular in our country. Each event is covered by the television program, “Ātruma cilts” and there are two leagues – one for professionals and another for beginners.

Latvian champion Kristaps Krums, a motorist, says, “It’s a team job; if I am bad, there’s no way a skier can pull the race off by himself and the other way around!”

Find out more information about skijoring here:

Babite, March 2010, fight between the professionals

Last skijoring event in Babite, March 2010-03-18

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