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Volunteer who loves Latvia

April 7, 2010
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By Klinta Dzene

“I finished high school in Germany and an applying for European Volunteer Service (EVS) seemed the best possibility, where you don’t need to pay much; in fact, you don’t need to pay anything at all to gain new experience,” says Sarah Flemming, 20, about her choice to work as a volunteer in Latvia.

Flemming arrived in September and her hosting organization in Latvia is Youth against AIDS (YAA). Arriving here was a matter of chance – Sarah sent applications to various organizations in Lithuania, Sweden etc., but got feedback from Latvians. Her main responsibility as volunteer is giving lectures about human rights and discrimination, but her present task is collaborating with peers to invent a simulation game, what would show and teach young people about human trafficking issues.

She likes it here very much: “I’m living here nearly 6 months; I feel I’ve become more open-minded, and I’m happy here.”

Sarah Flemming _first from the right_ in front of the National Agency which is responsible for all volunteers in Latvia

Flemming is the second volunteer working for YAA in Latvia. As hosting organization, YAA started to work last March. More about organization Youth against AIDS –, but EVS database of accredited organizations you can find here

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  1. Sanita permalink
    April 8, 2010 13:52

    I also was a volunteer (with EVS), spent a month in Slovakia. After the storm in High Tatras there was a lots to do so people from Norway, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and other countries were glad to help. Glorious memories, wonderful people and amazing nature! It’s great there is such an option and it makes you feel needed and helpfull 😉

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