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Cyber guerillas reveal the truth

March 24, 2010


Karlis Muiznieks

A group of cyber guerillas who call themselves Army of People of the 4th Awakening (4ATA – Ceturtās Atmodas Tautas Armija) broke into the Latvian SRS data base and published information about salaries of government officials in police and heat supplier “Rīgas Siltums” which is a state enterprise (more at

Also there are other salary data publications in the internet from such institutions as “Rīgas Satiksme” and “Latvijas Banka”. Making these data available for masses, 4ATA wants people to see that managers in the biggest government institutions get salaries most of which are outrageously big.

Above the published data (e.g. at 4ATA added an explanation saying that for avoiding making hasty conclusions you should ask commentaries from representatives of the establishment for further interpretation. This penetration of server security reminds us all of how much of our lives are recorded on the vast canvas of the World Wide Web. It is also a reminder of internal political disagreements about social and economic programs.

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