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Keeping your eyes open and healthy

March 21, 2010

By Madara Zvejniece

There is a saying that eyes are the mirror of the soul. On the one hand, everyone wants beautiful eyes and good vision, but it is almost impossible to work and live in the 21st century without using a computer. Close to 150 millions people sit in front of a computer monitor each day .

Katrina Lulle, a student of communication science (University of Latvia), says, ‘‘When I`m working on computer my eyes seem to become dry, it feels uncomfortable! I think that people who work in offices or students who study by looking at monitors risk having crow`s feet.’’ Wrinkles and dry eyes are only a few of the symptoms caused by looking at a monitor.

‘‘Computer vision syndrom’’ includes blurred vison, eye strain, headache and other problems. For further information.

It is important to blink regularly and to put the computer in the right place (to avoid reflection of light or sun on the monitor). A very simple practice to relax is to look out of the window for one minute and to stand up every 40 minutes and move your shoulders and head. Watch video

It would be difficult to imagine the world without PC, without watching movies, chatting, tweeting and, of course, studying. Even if wearing glasses is in fashion, nobody wants worse eyesight.

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  1. ipongirl permalink
    March 21, 2010 18:23

    Computer is one of the reasons why my vision is becoming worse

  2. mary hirsch permalink
    March 23, 2010 04:48

    Isn’t being in the sunlight with sunglasses protection, especially during the Winter on a sunny day, far more dangerous to your eyes than any computer would be? And, smoking is also very bad for your eyes/vision. The effect of smoking on the retina is devastating. These two concerns, it seems to me, should also be discussed when talking about eyecare safety.

    • Madara Zvejniece permalink
      March 23, 2010 23:14

      Thank You, Mary Hirsch for the comment! You have a point 😉

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