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Floorball Winter Cup 2010

March 17, 2010

By Ģirts Smelters

Recently students and scholars of University of Latvia celebrated their fourth floorball night tournament with Winter Cup 2010.

The tradition, which started three years ago, now has gained more and more popularity from the students as well as from the teachers. The first floorball cup was competition among 8 teams but “Winter Cup 2010” had 16 teams, subdivided into 4 groups with almost 200 participants.

As Ugis Bisenieks, director of the sports service centre, said, “it is the floorball tournament that has the greatest progress among all other night tournaments in University of Latvia”.

This tournament was special because each team had a distinct uniform, for example, there was “old school” style, “zorro mask” style, “very formal” style and so on. The most attractive team won the Cup of Liberal Arts, sponsored by the student council of faculty of liberal arts. The other change that made floorball night tournaments more interesting was remaining a girl on the court at all the times, so the formation was goalkeeper, 4 men and 1 woman.

Starting at 11 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. more than 30 games were played in “Winter Cup 2010”. The winning team was “We need a player”, which was their fourth title. This team has dominated through all the floorball night tournaments and didn’t leave an opening for its opponents this time either. Since the first tournament started, they lost only one game.

“We need a player” has become a legendary team setting a record that is almost impossible to break. The captain of the team Martins Druvkalns was elected the MVP of the tournament. “It has become routine for us to win the floorball night tournament”, Druvkalns said with a smile.

“Floorball is getting more and more popular”, says the coach of the LU floorball section Remars Vikanis. “The practices are regularly attended by almost 40 students, and it is phenomenal how attractive this new game is to people”, Vikanis admits.

Interview with Remars Vikanis and some participants (in Latvian)

Pictures from tournament

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