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Brain sports

March 10, 2010

By Rūdolfs Andersons

Chess is one of the sports offered for students studying at the University of Latvia However, recently when this reporter checked it out at 6 p.m. on Tuesday the only thing he found was an empty training room.

Chess Coach Alberts Cimiņš says chess as a part of the University’s offered sports for students is long gone. Due to insufficient funds the University and Cimiņš no longer offer chess. However, students willing to play chess can still come to Merķeļa Street 11 and get some lessons and advice from the coach who said the problems started in 2004, when students could no longer get any credit for chess lessons.

Students who are interested in learning to play chess can do it through Riga Chess federation. For more see or call Alberts Cimiņš – 28804664.

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  1. Girts permalink
    March 15, 2010 17:09

    It is so great that we have such an enthusiasts as old codger Alberts.

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